Purpose and Mission

A project through which we intend to be promoters of sustainable development, putting quality, people and the environment at the heart of the products we have always made.

Our Purpose

To bring tasty, wholesome food to the table worldwide, developed using cutting-edge systems and in accordance with the very highest quality standards, to guarantee an increasingly sustainable, responsible approach.

Our Mission

Through our Rovagnati's Responsible Quality (RQR) program, we work to make sustainability the benchmark for the sector: innovating to offer tasty, healthy products with Rovagnati’s hallmark quality, while increasingly shortening the production and supply chain to reduce social and environmental impact.

Since October 2016, every department in the organisation has brought on board this commitment, with a view to verifying expectations and priorities, as well as data and actions of value from the perspective of social and environmental sustainability.

The commitment to Rovagnati’s Responsible Quality program is moving policies, processes, and practices, as well as the objectives, so that our thinking, speaking and acting in daily work becomes more aware of the world around us.