Working to reduce our impact on the planet through our packaging. We are committed to decreasing the amount of plastic used in the production of our sliced meats in trays.

Our commitment

We have been committed for years to an all-around path of sustainability that includes real-world work in reducing our packaging’s impact on the planet, helping to preserve the environment and the future of all human beings.

Although plastics are a difficult material to replace, they must be used responsibly by implementing recycling processes and reducing their use wherever possible. We must also do so while guaranteeing packaging that preserves the quality and taste that Rovagnati products are famous for.

For this reason, we have started a process of research and design that leads us to reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging of our self-service products by more and more each year.

The numbers speak clearly

Thanks to the efforts of our Research and Development division, we have achieved the goal of using an average of 55% recycled plastic in the packaging of all of our sliced trays.

Our commitment to limiting our impact on the planet can also be seen in the fact that, over the years, we have reduced the weight of our trays by 38% for the SnelloI Firmati and Gran Biscotto lines.

Quantities of plastic saved

A research and innovation effort that looks to the future of our packaging and over time has led us to considerably reduce our plastic consumption. Since 2020, we have in fact helped to save 376 tonnes of plastic not released into the environment. A significant figure in terms of the amount of plastic saved corresponding to an area of 1.2 km². In other words, the size of 166 football pitches of 7140 m².

Innovative packaging solutions

Offering increasingly sustainable packaging solutions that guarantee maximum food safety is a priority we are committed to. This also involves collaboration with up-and-coming businesses working in the field of sustainable innovation.

With this in mind, we’ve joined the Challenge launched by Italia del Gusto and Eatable Adventures, a project dedicated to developing innovative food packaging proposals that seek to balance innovation with the need for sustainable, practical solutions able to rise to the challenges of the food sector.

Paper and cardboard recycling

With Aro Spa and thanks to our collaboration with the companies Avery Dennison and Cycle4Green, we recycle 100% of the liners (reels that act as support for the labels applied on the products), otherwise disposed of in the unsorted waste.

A choice that in 2023 allowed us to recycle 30.2 tonnes of paper from our liners with an equivalent saving of 57 tonnes of CO2 generated. From waste to reusable resource, each paper fibre is recovered, contributing to waste reduction and environmental protection.

In addition to this commitment, we also use cartons made from FSC-certified materials accounting for 70% of all paper and cardboard packaging. 

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