Working to reduce our impact on the planet through our packaging. We are committed to decreasing the amount of plastic used in the production of our sliced meats in trays.

Our commitment

We have been committed for years to an all-around path of sustainability that includes real-world work in reducing our packaging’s impact on the planet, helping to preserve the environment and the future of all human beings.

Although plastics are a difficult material to replace, they must be used responsibly by implementing recycling processes and reducing their use wherever possible. We must also do so while guaranteeing packaging that preserves the quality and taste that Rovagnati products are famous for.

For this reason, we have started a process of research and design that leads us to reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging of our self-service products by more and more each year.

The numbers speak clearly

Thanks to the efforts of our Research and Development division, we have achieved the goal of using an average of 55% recycled plastic in the packaging of all of our sliced trays.

Our commitment to limiting our impact on the planet can also be seen in the fact that, over the years, we have reduced the weight of our trays by:
• 38% for the Snello and I Firmati lines
• 30% for the Gran Biscotto line

All these concrete actions have led us over time to reduce our plastic consumption considerably, saving more than 100 tonnes per year.

Saving 100 tonnes of plastic per year means saving the environment almost 3 million 1.5 litres bottles of mineral water, equivalent to 970 km or the distance between Milan and Bari or Milan and Budapest.  

Together for Sustainability

In order to study valid packaging alternatives and set plastic reduction targets, Rovagnati has set up a cross-functional task force: the Innopack Team, made up of people from different company departments who come together to pool their ideas, knowledge and experience. This team is dedicated to further limiting our impact in terms of plastic reduction and recycling.

Our commitment to educate children

Reducing plastic consumption and raising awareness about recycling is a commitment that we are pursuing on several fronts, not only on the level of production and internal management: in 2021 with Fondo Scuola Italia we had the great opportunity to enter the classrooms of several elementary schools in Italy with an interactive lesson on the history of plastic. This is one of the ways we design a more Tasty, Healthy and Fair world.

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