We work to reduce our impact on the planet in terms of packaging. We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic in the packaging used to produce our sliced meats on trays

Our commitment

For years, we have been committed to a 360-degree sustainability pathway thanks to the Rovagnati Responsible Quality program; a reduction in our use of plastic is one major area activity.

We are also working to reduce our impact on the planet in terms of packaging, so helping to preserve the environment, and safeguard people’s future.

Although plastic is a difficult material to replace, it must be used with responsibly, by implementing recycling processes and reducing its use. All this while also guaranteeing a packaging that preserves the quality and taste that characterize Rovagnati products.

This is why we have started a study and design process that will allow us to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging of our charcuterie.

Thanks to the efforts of our Research and Development division, we have been able to produce trays with a smaller amount of plastic, thus saving more than 100 tons per year. Furthermore, we have met our goal of using 55% recycled plastic in our charcuterie trays and 70% in their bottoms.

Saving 100 tons of plastic per year means we have prevented 2,857,140 plastic 1.5 L mineral water bottles from entering the environment, equal to 970 km top to bottom, about the distance between Milan and Bari or Milan and Budapest.