Thanks to the cogeneration systems of the Biassono (MB) and Villasanta (MB) plants, we self-produce over 65% of the electricity needs of the production sites, recovering heat for industrial utilities and for Monza's district heating network.

What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration is the combined process of producing electricity and heat.
In traditional thermoelectric plants, only a part of the energy contained in the fuel is converted into electricity. The remaining part, about 60%, is dispersed in the form of heat.

In a cogeneration plant, this heat is recovered and used in industrial or civil processes (e.g. district heating).
Cogeneration plants improve efficiency in the production of electricity, reduce the consumption of primary energy (fuel) and consequently reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment.

Our cogeneration installations are located at the Biassono and Villasanta plants.

Since 2014, the Biassono cogeneration plant has generated approximately 10 GWh of electricity a year and fully uses the heat it generates (e.g. sanitary water, cold room defrosting, cooking, pasteurization, etc.).

Since 2016, a high-yield cogeneration plant has also been active at the Villasanta (MB) plant. In fact, Rovagnati produces heat in addition to the electricity needed by the Villasanta plant.

The plant transfers the heat it produces to Acsm Agam, feeding it directly into the Monza district heating network (DHN). This allows us to supply the city of Monza with the heat to meet the needs of 31 large apartment buildings.

Our results

A new cogeneration system is being installed 
in our production unit in Felino (PR)

The system is designed to generate 1 GWh of electricity a year,
contributing 50% to the plant's needs, and reuse 70% of the heat generated inside.

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