The Banco Alimentare Foundation is a non-profit organization that deals with the collection of foodstuffs and the recovery of food surpluses from agricultural and industrial production and their redistribution to charitable centres scattered throughout the community that provide welfare to the neediest people.

Our commitment

We stand alongside Food Donation [Banco Alimentare] in the fight against waste and poverty, collaborating through food donations, which are redistributed to people in need.

Cooked ham, thanks to its high protein content, provides the essential macronutrients for a correct diet. The long storage times, as well as the safety and strength of the packaging, make the product suitable for redistribution.

Rovagnati is committed to minimize waste by giving Banco Alimentare its products that are suitable for human consumption, but not marketable.

Moreover, with the Gusta, Dona e Vinci initiative [Taste, Donate and Win] Rovagnati sets out to donate meals to people in difficulty by calling on the attention of our consumers.

The purchase of a staple food, already present in the shopping cart of many families, thus becomes the opportunity to express solidarity to people who lack the economic resources to secure themselves a meal.

By buying Rovagnati products you can help the company donate more than 1000 kg of cold cuts to the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus food bank by the end of the initiative. The initiative involves all stakeholders and all major retail outlets for a period of 3 months a year.

With the aim of ensuring ongoing support for Banco Alimentare, our wish is to repeat the initiative every year.

The results