We minimize food risk through a complex control system which – in constant synergy with the Research and Development Department – supports the solidity of the production process: the Rovagnati Quality Assurance System.

Quality Assurance

We comply with all the obligatory regulations and adopt voluntary regulations as well, in particular with the BRC and IFS certifications, and respect the requirements for EU and non-EU export Countries.


The USDA allows the export of food products to the United States and therefore it involves strict controls by both the Italian and American Health Authorities, which is one of the highest international acknowledgements of food safety.

The BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) is one of the standards for food safety recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) whose main purpose is to reinforce and promote food safety.


The IFS standard aims to favor the efficacious selection of suppliers of the Mass Distribution branded foods, based on their ability to provide safe products, compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

Rova lab

Rova Lab, the chemical-nutritional and microbiological analysis laboratory, monitors the nutritional composition and the health and hygiene status of our food products and detects critical issues.

60,000 surveys a year on ingredients, semi-finished products and finished products, of which 14,000 environmental samples.

Product quality

We constantly check the technical specifications of our raw materials, ingredients, semi-finished products, cured products, and finished products.

We draft and monitor quality, as well as data sheets and labels for our finished products in compliance with the regulations.

We assist our customers with questionnaires, complaint forms, product data sheets and address all questions submitted to us.

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