We promote environmental sustainability, reducing the pollution and waste generated by our activities. 

Reduction in water consumption

Rovagnati is committed to reducing its water consumption through dedicated technologies and projects.

The High Temperature Pasteurizer System (HTST), created in 2007 in collaboration with the Verinox Acciai company of Trento, has allowed for a roughly 50-fold reduction in water consumption (from 4,500 to 80-100 cubic meters/week), a 24.2% decrease in the temperature difference between calories and refrigeration supplied, and a 6-fold decrease in bacterial load. The HTST is still a groundbreaking piece of food-pasteurization systems technology. Compared with traditional autoclaves, it improves the hygienic and sanitary profile of Biassono's plant.

We have also equipped our Biassono plant with a highly innovative water treatment technology: an activated sludge biological treatment plant with membrane ultrafiltration. Sustainable water management that combines efficiency and responsibility.

Solar power systems and renewable energy

We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the Villasanta and Sala Baganza plants, as well as at the Borgo del Sole agricultural centre, to make use of solar energy.

The solar power systems in Villasanta and Sala Baganza generate 4.5% and 11.5% of their total energy requirements respectively. The systems installed in Borgo del Sole, meanwhile, lead to an annual self-consumption of 257 MWh.

Induction and LED lighting

We use light sources that provide better energy efficiency, helping to protect the environment. In 2012 in all of our 5 factories, we replaced incandescent and neon lamps with induction and LED systems that save about 2/3 of the electricity consumed by neon tubes and 80% compared to incandescent lamps.

With a lifetime for LED lamps about 6 times longer than neon and 13 times longer than incandescent lamps, choosing more energy-efficient lighting is a concrete commitment that will enable us to help save Europe up to 34TWh of electricity by 2030 and prevent the emission of about 7 million tons of CO2 each year.

Thermal and energy efficiency

"Several projects are currently underway aimed at reducing energy consumption and increasing self-generation of energy including the use of more efficient compressors which, equipped with inverters, allow for a reduction of 250 MWhe in annual electricity consumption.
Also planned is the replacement of some boilers for higher thermal efficiency and the installation of new circulation pumps, with a reduction in thermal and electricity needs of circa 2,000 MWht and 1,000 MWhe per year.
As of today, the Pinch Analysis of the plant in Villasanta has also been completed, an activity that has allowed Rovagnati to identify new possible areas of intervention such as combining flows at different temperatures through heat exchangers to recover thermal energy.

Together with GI.MA.TRANS Group for Green Logistics

For us, "going green" also means providing more sustainable logistics solutions to move around the territory with a lower environmental impact.

For this reason we have chosen, among our logistics partners, GI.MA.TRANS, a Group that has been working for years on technological innovation to periodically update and optimise its fleet of vehicles and achieve equivalent or better performance with reduced consumption.

Ambassador of the Green Truck project, GI.MA. TRANS is the first player in EMEA area to use SLXi Hybrid technology on LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) powered vehicles.

Electric operation for refrigeration units, LNG engines and Hybrid technology for trucks and tractor units: by choosing twelve vehicles from the GI.MA.TRANS Group, Rovagnati fully embraces its concrete and measurable corporate Green Vision.

With this new collaboration, Rovagnati covers about 30% of its routes with GI.MA.TRANS and LNG vehicles and is working with its partner to increase its current performance.

Towards 100% Electric Mobility

Thanks to our collaboration with Renord, a partner company of the Renault Group that has been tackling the challenges of the energy transition since 2017 with its “Drive the Future” strategic plan, we have succeeded in replacing our fleet of company cars with new Plug-In Hybrid and Full Electric vehicles featuring E-TECH technology and Z.E. (Zero Emission) experience.
These cars are available to Rovagnati employees who need to travel for business.
Choosing electric mobility will allow us to reduce our average fuel consumption and reduce our CO2 emissions by 75% with the hybrid cars and achieve zero emissions with the 100% electric vehicles (compared with an equivalent gasoline engine.)

Label recycling

Thanks to our collaboration with the companies Avery Dennison and Cycle4Green, we recycle 100% of the liners (reels that act as support for the labels applied on the products), otherwise disposed of in the unsorted waste.

Recycled paper is reused and actively contributes to waste maintenance, environmental protection and CO2 reduction.

In 2022, we recycled 27.5 tons of paper from the label liners waste, which is equivalent to a reduction of 52 tons of CO2.

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Our Forest on Treedom

Together with Treedom, the first web platform which allows you to plant a tree at distance and follow its history online, and with our customers' support, consisting of over 1300 trees, the Rovagnati Forest was born. This immense green expanse will allow us to absorb over 363 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Because we want a greener and fairer world, contributing to the social and environmental well-being of entire communities. Our forest on Treedom was created thanks to the participation of our consumers who took part in solidarity contests and special initiatives on Rovagnati Outlet.