Conservation without nitrites? Today it’s possible. First with Naturals, our line of charcuterie with 100% natural ingredients, and then with Snello we have eliminated the use of all nitrates and nitrites.

Our process

In July 2017 we launched Naturals, our line of charcuterie with 100% natural ingredients, in other words, free of nitrates and free of added chemical nitrites. The only nitrites present were plant-based.

In July 2018 we completely eliminated the use of nitrates and nitrites, even the plant-based ones. Naturals is produced without nitrites and nitrates of any kind.

Since August 2018, we have been working to also eliminate nitrates and nitrites from other lines of charcuterie.

Since May 2019 Snello, the line of cured meats with reduced fat content, has also been produced without nitrites.

How did we do it?

The complete elimination of nitrites was made possible thanks to the development of a unique and highly innovative technology, for which an international patent has been applied for.

We have been working on this project for more than two years, in collaboration a prestigious university as well as with an experimental animal science institute.

This technology makes it possible to totally avoid the use of nitrites of all kinds, to the complete satisfaction of the competent authorities.

Nitrates and nitrites, a closer look

Nitrites and nitrates are substances composed of nitrogen and oxygen, naturally occurring in nature.
They are contained, for example, in some vegetables and in drinking water.

What are they for?

Cooked charcuterie has always been preserved with nitrites (inorganic salts of nitrous acid), while cured meats have been preserved with both nitrites and nitrates, salts of nitric acid.

These two elements are "cousins" and over the centuries have made it possible to counteract the germination of Clostridium botulinum spores, which can be fatal.

Nitrite was used historically, even before the industrial era, for the preservation of charcuterie.
Furthermore, nitrite is the element that gives the typical pink color to meats.

The Naturals and Snello lines use natural derivatives totally free of nitrites and nitrates which, in synergy with each other, make it possible to obtain an absolutely healthy product, having the same safety guarantees as products treated with nitrites.

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