We promote proper nutrition, while conducting ongoing research and applying technological innovation to please the palate. Our research and development activities are committed daily to improving the nutritional quality of our charcuterie, offering a range that is also suitable for those who have to live with special dietary needs.

Gluten free

We are attentive to the needs of people with celiac disease. Our charcuterie lines I Firmati and Affettati Rovagnati, the recipes of Le Panatine line and Rovagnati ham cubes are gluten-free and Spiga Barrata certified.

For our celiac customers, the mark is an immediately identifiable symbol of dietary safety and suitability. Upon subscribing to the programme, AIC testing of the suitability of the products is provided and this suitability is now shown on the food product label.


The Spiga Barrata brand is owned by the AIC - Italian Celiac Association.

The AIC Handbook also includes several references from the Gran Biscotto, Borgo Rovagnati, Snello Rovagnati, 4YOU brands and many of our Cooked Ham slices reserved for the Gastronomy Market.

Charcuterie with 100% natural ingredients

We are committed to improving the nutritional quality of our charcuterie. In 2017 we launched Naturals, the range of cured meats with 100% natural ingredients, which translates to:

0% antibiotics - pigs raised free of antibiotics from birth
0% added nitrites
0% GMO - none of the ingredients are derived from genetically modified crops
0% milk proteins
0% monosodium glutamate added

In 2018 we also eliminated plant-based nitrites.

Read more about our nitrites and nitrates elimination project

Low-fat charcuterie

We promote proper nutrition and we want to provide a better nutritional balance.

With Rovagnati Snello, we have reduced the fat content of our charcuterie and work constantly to improve its nutritional quality.

For example, we have recently further reduced the fat content of our lean salamis Snello, from -45% to -55%.

Use of iodised salt

For the preparation of the Snello charcuterie line, only iodized salt is used, and this is an absolute innovation in the category! Iodised salt is the food solution proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to cope with disorders and health problems caused by iodine deficiency.

For healthy people, iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid because it supports the production of thyroid hormones which are important for human growth and metabolism.

Without dairy derivatives and lactose

We are attentive to the nutritional needs of all consumers. All our meats are free of milk derivatives and free of lactose.

For those who are lactose-intolerant, we recommend to purchase sliced meat trays bearing the words "No dairy derivatives".

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