We create attachment to the jersey. 

We are committed to creating the best working, social and human conditions to foster our people's sense of belonging to the company.

Quality of life in the company

Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is among the priorities we pursue through innovative partnerships and initiatives, such as the installation in the Biassono (MB) offices of Pure Air Zone air purifiers by U-Earth, a biotech company whose mission is to decontaminate the planet's air, starting with the purification of common places such as offices.
In concrete terms, each Pure Air Zone is a bubble of clean air that, thanks to patented U-Ox technology, not only attracts contaminants but completely neutralizes them. Each Pure Air Zone actually contributes, in a measurable way, to the decontamination of the planet. The more Pure Air Zone's network grows, the higher the positive impact.

A productive and serene working climate is guaranteed not only by the constantly cleaned air, but also by the crucial Work Life Balance, a balance that at Rovagnati we try to maintain through flexible working hours and shifts in the departments where these are foreseen.

Safety First

We promote workplace safety with partnerships and qualified actions.

Rovagnati is committed to reducing the biomechanical risk involved in the manual handling of loads and repetitive movements of the upper limbs. It did so by installing electronically controlled Manipulators that allow the operator to lift, lower, and carry a weight without musculoskeletal damage.

Moreover, thanks to the support and collaboration of the Italian Institute of Technology, at Rovagnati we are testing an experimental robotics project: an Exoskeleton that reduces exposure to trauma caused by biomechanical overload. The project will provide the worker with a lightweight support structure that allows freedom of movement, while providing the necessary support to the trunk and arms during the movement of heavy loads, also improving muscle capacity. This is a new frontier of robotic technology, applied to the workplace for the safety and well-being of our people. 

Workplace Health Promotion

Every year we take part in Workplace Health Promotion, the project supported by the Ministry of Health and its regional networks, which promotes wellbeing through healthy actions and lifestyles at work. At Rovagnati we are pursuing this commitment with significant initiatives such as imposing a ban on smoking throughout the company, encouraging people to use the stairs, including healthy snacks in vending machines, and installing racks to facilitate the use of bicycles by employees. These actions allow us to be recognized by ATS Lombardy as a 'Health Promoting Workplace'.

Rovagnati also supports its people with preventative care initiatives: in 2022, after years of intensifying our care activities with specific periodic monitoring, we have entered into a partnership with the group SYNLAB giving all our employees the opportunity for a free check-up that includes blood tests differentiated by gender and age. Prevention for us is neither a standard nor a statement, it is a daily and evolving commitment.

Business Communication in the Digital Age

We strongly believe that dialogue, the sharing of new initiatives and procedures, and the exchange of ideas between the different business functions are a powerful way to stimulate innovation and constant improvement: to that end, we organize periodic virtual meetings open to everyone. This is our Town Hall Meeting, a time for the entire business community to share updates and perspectives on our work.

The digital age brings with it the possibility to communicate and receive communications wherever you are and whenever you want. That's why we wanted to transfer our traditional internal communication to digital, specifically to Talentia, our new internal communication platform that allows all staff to communicate, receive and consult corporate communications and pay slips, verify procedures, and be notified about new initiatives. Communicating is not just a necessity, it is the precise choice to be transparent and agile in the digital age.

CIRFOOD for company catering

Attention to raw materials, waste reduction, biodiversity and the local area also goes through the company canteen service at the Biassono site, where CIRFOOD, an Italian company active in collective catering for over 40 years, has been operating since 2022.
Why CIRFOOD? Because it is consistent with our sustainability policy, focusing on values that are fundamental to us, such as quality and sensitivity to the well-being of the planet and its people. How does CIRFOOD operate? The values pursued by CIRFOOD are expressed in concrete actions:

- selection of raw materials mostly from sustainable agriculture
- propensity for biodiversity, using seasonal products
- preference for local products, choosing 0 km and short supply chain products
- attention to the diets of allergy and intolerance sufferers

With CIRFOOD at Rovagnati, digitalisation also takes place in the canteen: with the Appetie application, it is possible to consult the daily menu, pre-order the meal, find out the caloric content of the dishes, the ingredients used and the presence of any allergens. Lastly, in support of environmental sustainability, waste reduction and community support, CIRFOOD has chosen to use equipment and machinery that meets the highest energy standards and to donate to a local charity any surplus food