We aren’t tired of designing the future

We work alongside Institutes and Universities to help the training of new talents and we strongly believe in the professional inclusion of young people who, with an eye to our past, support the future together with us.

Value collaborations

We believe in qualified partnerships, those recognized for excellence and the ability to meet training needs on the one hand, and professional needs on the other: these are the collaborations we have established with the Polytechnic of Milan, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and the IULM University. Thanks to these valuable synergies we select young people who want to grow with us by offering them projects and proposing terms of engagement aligned to the highest standards, making available to each other, in a word, the best energies.

Collaboration is the key word for those who enter Rovagnati for the first time: with us, those who arrive are not just a number, they are part of a Group that they must first of all have the opportunity to know. From the very first day of work, we develop real training programs in order to create the best conditions for learning and involvement at a crucial time in the career path of each new colleague.

We also support the training of young talents through scholarships and direct aid for their future. The Paolo Rovagnati Foundation has been working side by side with the Brianza-based social cooperative In-Presa for many years, contributing in a tangible and ongoing way to the professional growth of young people who decide to undertake a career in the restaurant industry. By nurturing and cultivating the talent of today's youth, we work together with them to design a tomorrow that is more Tasty, Healthy and Fair.

We also support sporting talent by sponsoring the team of Beach Volleyball champions Andrea Abbiati and Tiziano Andreatta in their competitions. Together since 2015, Abbiati and Andreatta won the first Italian indoor championship in history, placing them among the top Italian Beach Volleyball pairs. The two athletes embody the values of sport and well-being that we cultivate every day at Rovagnati.

Training and feedback culture: basic tools

We strongly believe in the effectiveness of organizing training courses to give everyone the opportunity to develop appropriate skills: in recent years we have focused on team coaching and on the ability of area managers to give constructive and balanced feedback to their teams. It's not a practice, it's a choice we want to pursue in a forward-looking and creative way.

The importance of performance evaluation

To bring results it is necessary to know the DNA of the company, its inspiring principles and the critical success factors that have led it to be what it is. Only in this way everyone can bring their contribution. At Rovagnati this is part of the concept of entrepreneurship, which we measure with our "Competence Assessment", a moment of evaluation of behaviours and attitudes that really make the difference in the workplace.

Having a defined role within the company is important and rewarding, but even more so is knowing that you have contributed to the results. For that reason, every year we carry out MBO (Management by Objectives) evaluations, a method of analysing resources based on the results achieved against customized objectives and parameters set by the company.

Skills always shared

All resources must be valued, in the awareness that they are precious: to do this in the best possible way, we believe that it is not only necessary to have vertical skills, but that it is also fundamental to put together experiences that broaden skills, set common goals and share different points of view. This is why entrusting the realization of projects by aggregating teams of different functions is becoming part of our everyday life.

The Digital Team, made up of resources from Marketing, HR, Sales and IT, is one of our cross-functional teams that guarantee a complete and broad overview of a common theme that unites all of Rovagnati.

Within this dynamic system, there is also the job rotation offer, which gives employees the opportunity to play different roles within their career path, both "horizontally", changing work area but maintaining the same level, and "vertically", i.e., remaining in the same work area but growing in role.

Growing is in our DNA, and we want to do it in a forward-looking way and by trusting our current resources and those to come.